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Upstander Week

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Student bystanders can be the difference makers in preventing harm and lives lost on our campuses.

But too often, even the most well intentioned individuals are ill prepared to intervene and offer help in the moments that matter most.


Take Part in Upstander Week

Remembering Carson & Others We've Lost

On December 2nd, 2008, Carson Starkey lost his life to a senseless and preventable tragedy.

Upstander Week is a time to remember Carson and honor those who have been harmed or lost to preventable tragedies where bystanders could have done more.

Join our movement to empower communities of proactive bystanders and create safer campuses.

1. Complete the Upstander Challenges

7 Days, 7 Lessons, 7 Challenges
Foundations of being an Upstander
Applying the Situational Model of Helping.
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Step 1: Notice the Situation
Upstanders are present and engaged community members.
Learn to NOTICE these signs of alcohol poisoning.
Step 2: Diagnose the Situation
Upstanders know when intervention is necessary.
Learn to DIAGNOSE these harmful hazing practices.
Step 3: Accept Responsibility
Upstanders embrace the responsibility to help.
ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY for preventing sexual assault.
Step 4: Know What to Do
Upstanders are confident in their ability to intervene.
KNOW how to stand up to biased language.
Step 5: Take Action to Help
Upstanders don't hold back, they overcome barriers to help.
TAKE ACTION today and check in on a friend's mental health.
Be an Everyday Upstander
Be an everyday Upstander: It could save a life.
Commit beyond this week - take the Upstander Pledge.

2. Take the Upstander Pledge

Inspired by Carson’s standard, the Upstander Pledge is a commitment to be an active bystander: someone that will trust their instincts, overcome fear, and take action to help others.

I pledge to be an Upstander
among my friends, family,
and community by living out
the following commitments:

I will trust my instincts and have the courage to help others.

I will overcome the fear that keeps me from taking action to intervene.

I will speak up for others and hold my peers accountable.

I will stand up and embrace responsibility for the wellbeing of those around me.

I will live with urgency and be a role model in upholding this commitment.

3. Keep the Conversation Going

Follow us on social media and share the campaign message to keep the conversation going with your friends, family and others in your community.

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Embrace your capacity to be there for others, and use this movement to inspire others to do the same.

4. Support our Month of Giving

Help us amplify our Upstander movement by supporting our Month of Giving throughout the month of December. Your gift will directly fund research and the development of our lifesaving education programs and awareness campaigns.