Upstander Week

bystander intervention campaign

Students continue to find themselves in bystander situations where sexual assault, hate and bias, hazing, mental health concerns, and alcohol and other drug misuse are all too real.

We tell them to “look out for each other” and "step in to help", but we know many are not prepared with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively intervene.

Let's talk about how we can prepare for these moments.

Take the Upstander Pledge×

We invite you to take part in a timely, national conversation: WITH US Upstander Week is seven days of real talk, reflection, and action as we empower all bystanders to become UPSTANDERS and #BeTheLifeline for others.

Our goal: to include all voices, spread knowledge and encourage bystanders to act during potentially dangerous, life-altering situations.

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Remembering Carson: The Road to Gratitude

On December 2nd, 2008, Carson Starkey lost his life to a senseless and preventable tragedy.

Upstander Week is a time to remember Carson and honor those who have been harmed or lost to tragedies where bystanders could have done more.

Join us as we reflect on this 10th year and work to create movements of proactive bystander intervention and peer accountability.

1. Take the Upstander Pledge

Inspired by Carson’s standard, the Upstander Pledge is a commitment to be an active bystander: someone that will trust their instincts, overcome fear, and take action to help others.

I pledge to be an Upstander
among my friends, family,
and community by living out
the following commitments:

I will trust my instincts and have the courage to help others.

I will overcome the fear that keeps me from taking action to intervene.

I will speak up for others and hold my peers accountable.

I will stand up and embrace responsibility for the wellbeing of those around me.

I will live with urgency and be a role model in upholding this commitment.

2. Complete the Upstander Challenges

7 Days, 7 Lessons, 7 Challenges
10 Ways to be an Upstander
Essential bystander intervention strategies.
Take the Upstander Pledge.
10 Reasons Why People Don’t Help
Remember these barriers to intervention.
Submit a bystander story.
10 Times We Needed an Upstander
Situations you should intervene.
Give to the 10X Challenge.
10 Lies They Told Me (about Hazing)
Know the facts about hazing.
Take a stand against hazing.
10 Signs They’re Too Drunk
Know the signs of alcohol poisoning.
Learn your right to amnesty.
10 Years Ago: Carson's Story
Lessons from Carson's story and others like it.
Take part in Sober Saturday.
10 Lessons Learned: A Road to Gratitude
An open letter from the Starkey Family.
Read, reflect and share.

3. Support the 10x Giving Challenge

You are the X factor that can amplify this Upstander movement. Support the 10x Giving Challenge now through the month of December and help us hit our fundraising goal of $10,000 for 10 Years. Your gift will directly fund research and the development of our lifesaving education programs and awareness campaigns.

To give, visit the the 10X Giving Challenge crowdfunding page.

4. Keep the Conversation Going

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Look for the #BeTheLifeline hashtag on social media and share our posts to keep the conversation going with your friends, family and others in your community.

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Embrace your capacity to be there for others.
Use this movement to inspire others to do the same.