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Aware Awake Alive week

May 2024

Our vision is a world in which no life is cut short due to alcohol poisoning.

Help us increase public awareness about the signs of alcohol poisoning, the dangers of binge drinking and hazing, and the role each of us can play in saving lives by simply helping one another.

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Take the Upstander Pledge and commit to being an active bystander.

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Take the Upstander Pledge

Inspired by Carson’s standard, the Upstander Pledge is a commitment to be an active bystander: someone that will trust their instincts, overcome fear, and take action to help others.

I will trust my instincts and have the courage to help others.

I will overcome the fear that keeps me from taking action to intervene.

I will speak up for others and hold my peers accountable.

I will stand up and embrace responsibility for the wellbeing of those around me.

I will live with urgency and be a role model in upholding this commitment.

Bring this lifesaving movement to your campus community. Ask us how!

Carson was among friends when he died from an alcohol overdose. Every year we lose young lives to preventable alcohol poisoning and hazing tragedies, but if those present had been educated and trained to help when it mattered most, Carson and many others could still be with us today.

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Your gift will directly fund important bystander intervention research, education programs, and awareness campaigns.