Meet the Team

Michael Eberhard M.Ed
WITH US Assistant Director

Heather Smith
Professor of Statistics and WITH US Statistics Consultant

I enjoy working at WITH US because it gives me the opportunity to help spread awareness and make a difference across college campuses.

Madilyn Vukcevich
WITH US Marketing and Communications Assistant

WITH US has given me the opportunity to gain hands on experience in the industry of my aspiring career path while being able to promote proactive bystander intervention across college campuses.

Amy Yang
WITH US Operations Assistant

Working for WITH US as a graduate student within higher education student affairs has allowed me to fully utilize my skills while collaborating with other brilliant people on meaningful projects. I built my experience in research, peer-to-peer education and promoting awareness in areas of campus health and well-being that are truly relevant and important to current and future generations.

Maria Grando
WITH US Survey Outreach Coordinator

As college campuses continually strive to improve their public climate, WITH US has provided me the opportunity to be a part of the process of developing the community here at Cal Poly and across the country.

Andres Herenandez
AmeriCorps VIP Fellow and WITH US Research and Operations Coordinator

I love being able to focus on the “big picture” of student health and design programming to address these varying issues.

Nikolas Wianecki
AmeriCorps VIP Fellow and WITH US Education and Outreach Coordinator

Dr. Kevin Grant
Director of Student Affairs Assessment and Research and WITH US Survey Director

Dr. Christine Hackman
Assistant Professor for Public Health and WITH US Lead Researcher

Dr. Shawn Burn
Professor Emerita Psychology and WITH US Expert Consultant

Dr. Keith Humphrey
Vice President for Student Affairs and WITH US Executive Director

Dr. Kathleen McMahon
Senior Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and WITH US Director