March 1, 2021

Contact: Diego Abeloos


With Us Center at Cal Poly Opens Enrollment for National Bystander Intervention Study

Early bird discounts available; nationwide study of university campuses kicks off in Spring 2022

SAN LUIS OBISPO –– The With Us Center for Bystander Intervention today opened early bird enrollment for universities interested in participating in the 2021-22 National College Student Bystander Intervention Study (NCSBIS).

This survey-based study offers a campus-wide needs assessment of our student’s bystander experiences, attitudes, motivations, skills, and behaviors to help universities can gain a clearer understanding of the factors that prevent well-intentioned students from acting in critical situations that warrant intervention, such as:

·     Sexual assault, sexual harassment, and intimate partner violence.

·     Hate, bias and discrimination.

·     Hazing.

·     Alcohol and other drug misuse.

With many universities planning a return to a more traditional college experience beginning this fall, the NCSBIS study will also help college administrators identify student behaviors and attitudes that have developed or changed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“By participating in this study, our campus partners can learn more about their student’s attitudes and behaviors and develop context-driven programs that empower them to be better bystanders,” said With Us AssistantDirector Michael Eberhard.­­ “As in-person instruction becomes more and more likely for campuses in the near future, this study will serve as a window into how students are re-adapting to being back on campus and the interpersonal social issues that come with that.”­­

Many of these issues take place beyond the reach of counselors, deans, coaches, professors and campus police officers. Through participation in the 2021-22 NCSBIS study, universities receive campus-specific data to help delve deeper into the barriers that prevent their students from stepping in and preventing harm to others in critical situations.

“The data gained from participating in this study has helped me better understand less visible aspects our campus culture and the willingness of our students to step in when faced with a wide range of issues,”said Keith Humphrey, Vice President for Student Affairs at Cal Poly. “It provides a baseline of information I can use in tracking progress of our programs, while also comparing our outcomes to similar universities to determine impact.”

Since 2019, the center has surveyed more than 12,000undergraduate students at 16 colleges and universities throughout the UnitedStates. The center now seeks to expand on its work by collaborating with additional partner universities to further uncover skill and education gaps that exist in these key focus areas. To view the 2020 aggregate data summary report, click here.

All universities enrolled in the 2021-22 study will receive a turnkey survey implementation package, along with marketing and assessment support, and a detailed report with campus-specific data utilized to establish baselines for bystander behaviors and experiences. The center also offers an additional tiered service with customizable survey items, reports, communications and consultations, among other perks. Student responses recorded as part of the survey study are anonymous to ensure a high level of confidentiality.

From now until July 1, participating universities throughout the U.S. will receive an early bird discount to enroll in the 2021-22survey-based study. For additional information on the survey, early bird pricing and more, visit


About With Us

Scott and Julia Starkey founded Aware Awake Alive in 2011and donated the program to
Cal Poly in 2017 to broaden its mission and allow it to evolve into a university-based research center. In turn, the With Us Center for BystanderIntervention was launched in February 2018 as an intervention research center with the mission to prevent harm and lives lost to hazing, alcohol and drug abuse, sexual assault, hate and bias, and other barriers to student health, safety and success. With Us is housed within Cal Poly Student Affairs and is led by a team of experienced researchers, prevention practitioners, and student affairs leaders. For more information, visit


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Student Affairs supports student success through the Cal Poly experience by promoting Learn by Doing opportunities, delivering student-centered programs, encouraging personal growth, and empowering students to live within a safe, healthy, inclusive and supportive environment. For more information, visit


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Posted on:
March 1, 2021

Written by:
Diego Abeloos

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