About Aware Awake Alive

At Aware Awake Alive, we passionately strive to equip young adults with the tools and understanding to prevent alcohol poisoning, ensuring they stay safe and empowered through education and community support.

Our Story

Rooted in a tragic loss, Aware Awake Alive was founded in 2008 by the parents of Carson Starkey, a college student who passed away from alcohol poisoning. Determined to prevent similar tragedies, they established this organization to educate and empower young adults to make safer choices around alcohol.

Upstander Week

Bystander Intervention Campaign

The Upstander Week campaign, hosted by WITH US, is a dedicated period aimed at raising awareness and fostering a culture of empathy and support on college campuses. Through various events, activities, and educational initiatives, the campaign encourages students to become Upstanders, empowering them to intervene and assist peers facing mental health or substance use challenges.

Upstander Week Campaign

Upstander Toolbox

The Upstander toolbox, provided by WITH US, offers a wealth of resources and guides for college campuses to implement and promote the Upstander program, empowering students to intervene and support peers facing mental health or substance use challenges.

Aware Awake Alive Toolbox

The Aware Awake Alive toolbox, presented by WITH US, offers a comprehensive resource for organizing Alcohol Awareness and Action (AAA) Week on college campuses. It equips organizers with a range of materials, including customizable event guides, promotional materials, and educational resources, to facilitate engaging and impactful awareness campaigns surrounding alcohol safety.